Dani's House toby

Toby (Harry Culverhouse) is a friend of Dani's that is shown to have low intelligence and obsessed about his hair.

During the series that he is in, he has a numerous amount of jobs ranging from a waiter to a pet-sitter for the fictional organisation, P.L.O.P.S. He gets along well with Ben, Max's friend as they both have the same intelligence.

It is shown in series 1, episode 7 (Snakes) , that he got his obsession for hair and hair-gel after Dani and Sam rubbed Mayonnaise into his hair after he pushed in front of them in a line.

It is revealed in series 2, episode 1 (Jack in the House) that he left for medical school after passing the exam by answering "bum" to every question. He makes a cameo appearance in the Christmas special after dropping out of medical school and instead selling the worlds worst DVDs including  "The Sloth Who Loved Christmas". He has obviously returned before as he seems to know Jack and even has a special handshake with him. He also returns in the final episode.