The Castle
Series 01, Episode 01
Show Dani's Castle
Air Date 17 January 2013
Previous You're at the first episode
Next City Boy

The Castle is the first episode of the first series of Dani's Castle, a spin-off of Dani's House, which was first broadcast on the 17th of January 2013.

Summary Edit

Dani inherits a castle in Ireland from a long lost aunt but gets more than she bargained for when she arrives. Is the castle really hers or will she have to untangle the branches of her family tree? An unknown cousin in the shape of accident-prone Jimmy has claimed the castle as his own.

With no mobile signals, how can Dani communicate with her best friends and Dani doesn't even know where her home is since her mum and dad have sold it to go with Max on the world trip. How can she survive? At least Dani has new friend named Kaitlin but sometimes refer as Kate. She has a horse named Prince William and has a brother who is a wannabe-magician Leo.

Not to mention a new admirer who materialises when she meets some other very distant and very ghostly family members Gabe and Esme who have lived in the castle for 250 years. Do humans and ghosts mix? But later, Dani finds that her aunt Marjorie has to pay a lot of debts. If they don't pay the bills, the council will have to sell the castle.

Trivia Edit

  • Events from Dani's House, 'The Birthday Trap' are mentioned.
  • Max is mentioned.
  • A picture of Dani and her friends are seen.
  • This episode aired in Australia, on ABC3, on 1st January 2015.
  • This episode first aired on BBC One on 31st December 2013.
  • The Cat From Hell from Dani's House, is seen and mentioned.
  • Events from 'Jack in the House' and 'Only Child' are mentioned.
  • This Episode marks the first, ever time, Dani not speaking to the audience.
  • The Aliens from Dani's House, are not mentioned at all. It was mentioned that they, had stopped waiting for Dani.