Sam's Back!
Series 6, Episode 3
Show Dani's House
Air Date Early June 2017
Previous Maisy VS Maisy
Next Cat, Mouse and Baby
Sam's Back! is the third episode of the sixth series of Dani's House. It will air Early June 2017.

Summary Edit

The gang are having a normal day at Dani's House, with no mayhem lurking anywhere, until someone special knocks on Dani's door- SAM! But when Sam finally arrives, she can't find Ruby, Jack, Alex or her major best friend, Dani anywhere! Where could they be? Where's Dani!? That is the question. But will the guidance of The Cat From Hell, Maisy and a returning Megaboyd, lead her to her best friends? But the place their hiding, has been in Dani's House for so long........