Samantha "Sam" James (Klariza Clayton) is Dani's best friend and science geek who spends most of her time at the
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village library.

She was introduced in "Pirates". She is shown to be very clever with a sense of humor who likes things in order. Her idol is Professor Brian Cox, and cannot stand anyone that criticizes her.

As well as the sciences, she is worried about endangered species of animals as shown in "Use Your Noodle". She had a brief career as a pop star before her manager realized she couldn't sing.

She reveals in series 4 that she is going to train as an astronaut for NASA and leaves later in the series. A future scene, seven years later, shows that she makes it onto another planet and is there greeted by an oblivious, alien co-ordinators Zang and Zark.

After she done Dani's House she come in one episode in Dani's Castle that was Ghost Tour.

Where she now works for the government in Area 52, investigating ghosts and UFO's.