Series 01, Episode 03
Show Dani's House
Air Date October 10, 2008
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Luck is the third episode of the first series of Dani's House which was first broadcast on October 10, 2008.

Synopsis Edit

Dani has got an audition today but she can't find her lucky socks. Every time when she wears her lucky socks, her auditions has always been a success, but this time she can't find them.

When Sam and Toby were helping Dani search for her lucky socks, Sam tries to convince Dani that there is no such thing as luck. But Dani tries every single lucky charm and it still doesn't work. Later, more bad luck happens when Dani walked through the ladder and Toby opening the umbrella inside. Meanwhile, Max is winning a lot of prizes from Ben's fantastic comments. But how did he win every single prize? Is he lucky?