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The Castle

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Shannon Flynn

Her real name is Kaitlin but everyone calls her Kait. She is one of the main characters in the television series, "Dani's Castle".

She moved to Bogmoor from Manchester with her father and brother, Leo, when she was young.Her father is groundskeepers of the castle and also owns a nearby farm.

Kaitlyn makes friends with Dani when she first comes to the castle and shows her what its like to live in the Countryside. kate is Easy going and loves to spend time at the castle with the others. Kate has a horse called prince William who has a very bad temper but Kate loves him and would give anything to protect him and get people to see him the way she does. Kate isn't very girly and isn't very good at having girly chats with Dani although she tries. Kate gives out good advice to Dani when she needs and tries to be there for her. Kate gets on with everyone in the Castle although she Finds Jimmy irritating when he comes up with his crazy plans that she knows are never going to work.

Kate misses Dani when she goes to Hollywood But her mind is soon taken off it by another of the Boy's crazy plans. Kate developes a crush on Rich throughout series 2 and towards the end she admits her love to him. In the last episode of series 2 Kate is given Dani's share of the castle when Dani decides she needs to stay in Hollywood.