Dani (cousin)
Rich (cousin)
Dylan (cousin)

First Appearance

The Castle

Last Appearance

Save Our Station

Portrayed by

Kieran Alleyne



Jimmy is one of the main characters in the CBBC television series, Dani's Castle.

Jimmy first realises that him and Dani are cousins when he comes to the castle after Inheriting it off there Aunt Marjorie. at the end of sereis 1 he finds out they have another cousin called Rich and then at the beginning of series 2 another cousin called Dylan who is Rich's Brother.

Jimmy is accident prone and is always falling over or breaking something. Jimmy loves to come up with ideas to make the castle famous and pay of his Aunt's debts. His ideas are totally wacky and they never work out in the long run.Jimmy gets on well with the others but he does irritate Kate with his wacky plans and he does argue with Dani over what would be sensible to do with the castle. Jimmy wants to turn it into a paintball arena or a water park and Dani just knows this isn't praticle or safe. However they always make up in the end and they have a strong relationship


Kate: It is not revealed until season 2 episode 10 but jimmy had developed a crush on Kate after he accidentally thinks she likes him you see visually him trying to woo Kate with smooth moves even though this crash and burns jimmy and Kate end up coming back to the previous arrangements meaning they go back to be good friends