Dani's House Jack

Jackson 'Jack' o' Brians (Darragh Mortell) is a fictional character from CBBC TV sitcom, Dani's House. He is DJ who lives near Dani who was first introduced in "Jack in the House", replacing Toby.

In 'Jack in the House' it is revealed that Jack has an evil archenemies, called , 'The Cat from Hell'. He likes cooking with strange ingredients but in the end it's delicious. His cooking is also shown in "The Cook Off" and episode 5 (Only Child).

In his debut episode, he says he DJs at "top major gigs" but then he admits that he DJs at little kids' parties. Jack often tries to be a good friend but ends up doing something weird. He is addicted to junk food, but tries to quit eating it in series 4 episode 6 but Maisy and Max have a competition to see who can make Jack eat junk food first.

However both Max and Maisy fail as Jack eats an apple instead of the sickly treats they are trying to give Jack, but at the end of the episode he is seen eating a bowl of popcorn with Dani. Darragh Mortell also appears in the story of Tracy Beaker as Crash.

Jack is gross because when he ate out of date fig rolls, he made them 'magically' reappered by throwing up!

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