Gabe (Brother)

First Appearance

The Castle

Last Appearance

The Ghostel

Portrayed by

Jordan Brown

Esme/Esmeralda is a main character from CBBC's television series,  who is portrayed by Jordan Brown.

Esme is Gabe's younger sister and is also a ghost. Esme Died a few days before her 11th birthday after her and Gabe contracted an illness which killed them.

In the first episode she hated the fact the humans were now in the castle, but has come to accept and befriend them. Esme loves to Scare the others and play pranks on them. She loves doing things with her best friend Leo but when he leaves for magic school she has to do it alone until Dylan (Rich's little brother) turns up and they become friends playing pranks together and just doing things together. But she has always dreamed to go to modern day school she thinks it would be fun but she cant go outside! Will she manage to get a modern day education and not disecting frogs?

Esme is also the best character in Dani's Castle no matter what you say & they should bring her back because she was my childhood crush ok thx