Danielle "Dani" Harmer (Dani Harmer) is the title and main character of the series who appears in most episodes. Dani also is Tracy in 'Tracy beaker Returns' and 'The Story of Tracy Beaker'. At the beginning, she says "My name is Dani, and this is my wonderful new..." When they start arguing, she says" I give up!"

She's a 17-year-old actress and singer who has to look after her 12-year-old brother Max, and 6 month old baby brother she is very protective of both of them. She regularly hangs out with her best friends.

Dani loves her little brother but can't help getting annoyed by his "evil" schemes, which often involve Dani being tricked into doing something she shouldn't. In the fourth series, Dani is seen playing the part of 'Nurse Emily Woodmagnet' in a TV drama series called "McHurties Hospital".

Dani best friends are Sam, TobyJack and Ruby. Dani does however becomes friends with Ben near the end of S4 when Max is absent

In a few episodes she has shorter hair than usual. Dani is a wannabe star. Once, she had a weird, gothic boyfriend. Dani is a fashion star. When Sam got chosen to be a singer, Dani was mortified, so, to help Sam not be famous, she sat under a table and sung horribly!

In Toby-No-Mates, she dressed up as a man. When Toby asked her name, she said, (almost saying Dani) "Daaa Dan!" She even had a beard! She is so funny. Dani is easily wound up by Max and once made him 'disappear'!

In Achy Breaky Heart episode, she got really angry because of people cutting out her lines!

Despite being wound up by Max, Dani still loves her brother. She once was told by Sam and Jack that she had 'Pinocchitous Disease' on account of lying! Dani cares about her appearance. When celebrity Mollie visited, she wanted to prove Mollie that SHE should be the celeb, not Mollie!

In Series 5, Dani realises she has gone and fallen for her McHurties co-star Alex and they end up disliking each other when they continuously insult each other. Eventually, they get over their differences and he later becomes Dani's boyfriend. (Or BOYFRIED as Alex says in the two week wobblies). In the missing present mystery Maisy steals Danis 3 month anniversary present for Alex she blamed Ruby first then Jack, then realised it was Maisy who stole it.