'Catastrophe' is the seventh episode of Dani's House's sixth series. It will air in summer 2017 on CBBC.

Plot Edit

On Halloween, the gang are stuck indoors, telling ghosts stories, to see who can scare someone- But Dani and Jack are failing! Badly! No-one seems to care about their scary stories, as they are just- non-scary! Ponies? Really Dani? DJ Monster? Really, Jack? Meanwhile, Dani's House gets from strange - scary, when The cat from hell ruins their Halloween, by lingering around the house, destroying everything- and tormenting Jack, especially! Dani, has had enough of this, and with Alex, Jack and Ruby try to stop the Cat, but they uncover a sad secret about the pet, and soon things go from scary- extreme! Meanwhile Sam returns from NASA to stay in Anywhereville forever, to be closet to her friends- But can't see since the lights in the house go off- And needs the assistance of Max, Maisy and Megaboyd. Can they guide her to Dani, Jack and Ruby?